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Project Smallbot is a fast paced platformer about a small, hovering robot going through 11 different levels to collect rare pieces to restore his planet. The more missing pieces you find, the better the ending. Collect them all and become the greatest Smallbot! And raise the difficulty, by taking the Smallbot Challenge, a mode where you play through the entire game with only 1 life! Will you beat this challenge and become the ultimate Smallbot?

The worlds are empty, with little to no living creatures left other than harmless, but still deadly monsters, and annoying flying birds and beetle viruses. Smallbots were built to have precise movement and can fit through lots of tight spaces, but are also very defenseless and can explode easily. You have a neat laser feature installed in your body so you can zap off enemies and find new secrets! You must always be quick on your feet when it comes to progression, as things are constantly trying to kill in the dangerous worlds in Project Smallbot. From falling hazards, to agressive enemies, there will be a lot to dodge when traveling through these levels. Stop at the wrong time and you could end up in dead in mere seconds! There are 11 different levels total. The more pieces you find the better the ending! And with the Smallbot Challenge, you could claim yourself the ultimate Smallbot and go through the entire game, with 1 life only!!!


Project Smallbot.exe 96 MB

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