A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game submission for My First Game Jam: Summer 2017

 Your goal is very simple and straight forward. All you have to do is rewire 8 wires inside your brain and get through the level. Remember everything you know about your normal, run of the mill 2D platformers and you'll be fine. 

No seriously.... take my word for it. There's literally nothing new or innovative this game has to offer. It's just your average platformer. The game even feels rushed out. It's like the developer made this within a week.

ꓕμԍ მɑwԍ ԍʌԍu ɻԍԍɼƨ ɑ pᴉϝ···
!⸮!bЯiɘW Maybe there is more to this game...




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WOW. An amazing concept that really stumped me with a simple platformer. Really good job!

Thanks a lot for playing my game. I'm so happy you found the concept to be interesting since I want to return to the idea like this someday and make it into a full game.